Sie möchten wissen, wie hoch die Treibhausgasemissionen Ihrer Veranstaltung sind und diese reduzieren? Mit dem Treibhausgasrechner auf der Website des Thüringer Institutes für Nachhaltigkeit und Klimaschutz (ThINK) können Sie sich kostenfrei einen Überblick schaffen. Gleichen Sie unvermeidbare Treibhausgase, die im Rahmen Ihrer Veranstaltung entstehen, durch die finanzielle Unterstützung des Projektes Solaranlagen in Ruanda aus, dann erhalten Sie von ThINK zur Bestätigung das Siegel "Veranstaltung klimaneutral". Dies können Sie unter anderem für Ihre Öffentlichkeitsarbeit nutzen. Seriöser Klimaschutz beginnt mit dem Einsparen von Emissionen. ThINK berät Sie zudem gern zu Ihren Einsparpotentialen.

  1. ANSOLE's 10th Anniversary (2011- 2021)
  2. ANSOLE celebrated its 10th anniversary (2011-2021) as a digital international conference on 4-5 February 2021. The event can be watched on YouTube using the link: and the event book is downloadable here.

  3. AFRICA DAY 2020 in Jena, 7 November 2020: International Transdisciplinary Conference on Africa (ITCA 2020): Africa: Origin of all Humans, We are all Africans.

  4. The African community in Jena together with ANSOLE e.V., Initiative Schwarzer Menschen in Deutschland (ISD), Circle for African Reflection (le C. A. R. e.V.) of Ilmenau and MigraNetz Thüringen e.V., organizes the 4th Edition of Africa Day in Jena, AFRICA DAY 2020, on the 7th of November 2020 in digital form the 2nd of the International Transdisciplinary Conference on Africa on the theme: Africa: Origin of all Humans, We are all Africans, 10 years after the initiation of ANSOLE in Sousse in Tunisia and 5 years after the launching of MigraNetz Thüringen in Jena.

    The conference will be about topics from different disciplines contributing to a positive presentation and transformation of Africa. The digital format of the conference enables international participants to submit abstracts and attend the event from their sitting rooms. The conference requires no fee. Please contact us at in case of need for support.

    The event will be streamed live at: It will be possible to view it also later on our youtube-channel.

  5. ANSOLE DAYS 2021 & BALEWARE 2021, 2-5 February 2021, Sousse, Tunisia: ANSOLE's 10th Anniversary Conference

  6. Conference website:, Contact email:
    • Abstracts Submission Deadline : December 31, 2020
    • Notification of Acceptance/Rejection : January 17, 2020
    • Standard Registration Deadline : January 24, 2020

    Apart from scientific lectures on sustainable energetics and water related issues (SDGs 6,7 and 14) ANSOLE DAYS 2021 welcome ANSOLE's members from all over the world to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the network and reflect together on the past, present and future of the network. Due to COVID 19, the event offers both presence and online attendance. Visit the conference website ( for details on registration fees and others. Please download the abstract and registration form, fill and submit ASAP to

  7. Call for Application
  8. PASET Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund (RSIF) PhD Scholarships ( Call for Application PhD Scholarships available to support 3-4-year doctoral training in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology

    Deadline for submission: 15th June 2020 at 5:00 pm (East Africa time; UTC+3)

    On behalf of the Chair of the Executive Board of PASET, Prof. Aminata Sall Diallo, and the PASET member countries, icipe ( is pleased to announce the Third Call for RSIF PhD Scholarships tenable at selected African universities in partnership with advanced international partner institutions. The Scholarships are supported by African Governments and key partners (World Bank, Government of Korea) through the Partnerships for Skills in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology (PASET). This Third Call will provide over 100 fully funded PhD Scholarships for eligible applicants.
    Please download further information in English and French.

  9. ANSOLE e-Magazine Volume 6, 2020
  10. Please click here to download.

  11. ANSOLE Scientific Meeting in Kenya (ASMKE 2020), 3 March 2020, Technical University of Kenya (TUK), Nairobi,Kenya

  12. ANSOLE in partnership with the Technical University of Kenya (TUK) is organising the 2nd low-cost event in Kenya, ANSOLE Scientific Meeting in Kenya (ASMKE 2020), on March 3rd at TUK. This scientific gathering welcomes all topics regarding renewable energies (SDG 7) and water (SDG6) including social aspects! No fee is required. Each participant is expected to take care of him/herself! Please download and fill the registration and abstract form and submit latest February 26th to the provided email addresses therein.

  13. Semaine des Energies et Energies Renouvelables d'Afrique : 4ème édition, 02-04 Avril 2020, Salle de Conférence de Ouaga 2000, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

  14. Le Ministère de l'Energie du Burkina Faso organise du 02 au 04 avril 2020 à Ouagadougou, la quatrième édition de la Semaine des Energies et Energies Renouvelables d'Afrique (SEERA), sous le thème " Intégration régionale pour une transition énergétique réussie ". Placée sous le très haut patronage Président burkinabè Roch Marc Christian KABORE, et du Parrainage du Secrétaire Exécutif de l'Organisation du Traité d'Interdiction complète des Essais nucléaires (OTICE), Dr Lassina ZERBO, la SEERA va réunir, plus de 1.500 participants, dont des entrepreneurs, des acteurs des finances et des affaires, des chercheurs des étudiants et des exposants. Seront également présents à cette édition, des Ministres en charge de l'énergie des pays membres de l'UEMOA et de la CEDEAO, des présidents d'institutions internationales et des experts. Cette année, la République populaire de Chine sera présente en tant que Pays Invité d'Honneur.

  15. Nanofiltration 2020, 7-10July 2020, Achalm, Reutlingen, Germany

  16. Nanofiltration 2020 will be held 7-10 July 2020 on the occasion of the launch of the New Nanofiltration book. The topics will cover the theme of the book: Nanofiltration: Principles, Applications and New Materials. Many of the authors will present their contributions, where additional oral and poster presentations will reflect the state-of-the-art and future developments in nanofiltration. The invitation to submit abstracts is open Please go to:

    The venue is a special one. The Achalm is a mountain near the Swabian Alb that once was a 13th century castle, named after nearby "running water" (Ach). Located in Reutlingen, in the centre of the state Baden-Württemberg. Immersed in a rich South German culture and the amazing natural environment of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Swabian Alb, the region offers technological highlights (the home of Porsche and Mercedes, Hugo Boss) as well as incredible recreational delights - and membrane history.

  17. Africa Day 2019 in Jena, 25 May 2019
  18. Download the Africa Day 2019 event book here.

  19. PASET-RSIF PhD Scholarships
  20. 3-4 Year Doctoral Training Scholarship in PASET RSIF Priority Thematic Area.
    Deadline for Applications: 22nd July 2019 at 5:00pm (GMT).
    The Partnership for skills in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology (PASET) is an African-led initiative with the objective of strengthening skills in the Applied Science, engineering and Technology to further socio-economic transformation in sub- Saharan Africa (SSA). The Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund (RSIF) is the flagship program of PASET. The primary objective of RSIF is to train high quality PhD and post-doctoral students to address the human resource gap of highly qualified specialists in the fields of applied sciences, engineering, and technology (ASET) and to contribute to improving research and innovation capacities in those fields in sub-Saharan Africa. RSIF supports PhD students, post-doctoral scientists and universities in SSA to establish a high-quality training, research and innovation environment and to develop their institutional capacity for the benefit of the whole region. Please download the call for PhD scholarships application in English and in French.

  21. ANSOLE DAYS 2019 & BALEWARE 2019 on "Sustainable Energetics and Water", 9-13 September 2019, Kigali, Rwanda

  22. Just like in 2018, ANSOLE DAYS 2019 combine scientific lectures and training on photovoltaics. Presentations will focus on topics related to sustainable energetics and water (scientific, technological, economic and societal aspects). Training on PV systems will be done theoretically and practically using the facilities of MOBISOL Rwanda Ltd, located in the vicinity of Kigali. Participants are requested to bring along their laptops having excel program for PV theoretical training. Foreign participants are lodged at the Anglican St. Etienne Guesthouse Kigali Diocese, which is borders the College of Science and Technology of the University of Rwanda.

  23. 6th ANSOLE National Conference in Cameroon (ANSOLECAM 2019) 14th to 15th October 2019, ENSAI, Ngaoundere, Cameroon

  24. ANSOLE in partnership with the University of Ngaoundere organises the 6th ANSOLE National Conference in Cameroon at ENSAI Ngaoundere from the 14th to the 15th of October 2019. Deadline of abstract submission is 15th of August 2019, while that of early bird registration is the 15th of September 2019. Please download the general information document and the registration form.

  25. ANSOLE e-Magazine Volume 5, 2019
  26. Please click here to download.

  27. AFRICA DAY 2019 in Jena, 25 May 2019:
  28. International Transdisciplinary Conference on Africa(ITCA 2019): Africa in a Post-Colonial Perspective, Rosensäle, Fürstengraben 27, 07743 Jena Germany.
    In the frame of the AFRICA DAY 2019, ANSOLE in partnership with the International Office of Friedrich-Schiller University Jena organizes the first International Transdiciplinary Conference on Africa (ITCA 2019) on the theme "Africa in a Post-Colonial Perspective". All topics from different fields related to the theme are welcome. Young African researchers from Europe and elsewhere are encouraged to attend. There is no fee required. However, it is necessary to book an accomodation on time. If there is need for support , please write to amah(at) Please download here, the registration and abstract form, fill and submit at africaday2019(at) latest May 10th.

  29. First ANSOLE Scientific Meeting in Democratic Republic of Congo (ASMCO 2019), 22 April 2019, Faculté Polytechnique-Université de Kinshasa (UNIKIN), Kinshasa, DRC

  30. ANSOLE in partnership with the Université de Kinshasa (UNIKIN), Kinshasa, DRC, is organizing its first low-cost event in the Democratic Republic of Congo, ANSOLE Scientific Meeting in Democratic Republic of Congo (ASMCO 2019), on 22 April 2019. This one day scientific gathering welcomes all topics regarding renewable energies (SDG 7) and water (SDG6) including social aspects. It offers the opportunity to ANSOLERs in DRC to meet face-to-face for the first time. ANSOLERs from neighboring countries are welcome to attend. No fee is required. Each participant is expected to take care of him/herself! Please download here the registration and abstract form, fill it and submit latest 16 April 2019 to asmco2019(at)

  31. 2nd ANSOLE Scientific Meeting in Côte d'Ivoire (ASMCI 2019), 28 March 2019, Université Nangui Abrogoua, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire.

  32. ANSOLE in partnership with Université Nangui Abrogoua, Abidjan is organising its second low-cost event in Côte d'Ivoire, ANSOLE Scientific Meeting in Côte d'Ivoire (ASMCI 2019), on 28 March 2019. This one day scientific gathering welcomes all topics regarding renewable energies (SDG 7) and water (SDG6) including social aspects! No fee is required. Each participant is expected to take care of him/herself! Please download here the registration and abstract form, fill it and submit latest 7 March 2019 to asmci2019(at)

  33. ANSOLE Scientific Meeting in Egypt (ASMEG 2019)
  34. Left) particpants of ASMEG at Zewail City listening to the lectures. Right) Prof. Abdelmoneim, host of the next ASMEG meeting at E-JUST in Alexandria, receiving his certificate of participation.

    The first ANSOLE Scientific Meeting in Egypt (ASMEG 2019), was held on 30 January 2019 at the Zewail City of Science & Technology, Giza (close to Cairo). It witnessed the attendance of morethan 50 participants (Ansolers and non-Ansolers). The participants promised to meet again in approximately 6 months at the Egyptian-Japanese University of Science & Technology (E-JUST) in Alexandria. The exact date will be communicated soon.

  35. 1st ANSOLE Scientific Meeting in Côte d'Ivoire (ASMCI 2018)
  36. The final event book here to download.

  37. The Second School of Physical Sciences Biennial International Conference (2nd SPSBIC 2019) 24th to 28th June 2019, University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria
  38. This is a multidisciplinary International Conference organized by the School of Physical Sciences of the Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria with Theme: “Sustainable Energy in a Changing Climate: The role of Science andTechnology” and sub themes:

    1. Political, Economic and Technical Challenges in Energy Development

    2. Sustainable Energy on Climate and Disaster Resilience

    3. Energy for Sustainable Development, Benefits, and Challenges for Poverty Alleviation
    4. The Implication of Fossil Divestment and Green Bonds for Financial and Energy Market
    5. Energy Use And Environmental Impact for Energy Sustainable Development
    6. Climate Change Through Sustainable and Innovative Energy Technological Development

    Papers are invited from the disciplines (but not limited to these disciplines) of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geography, geology statistics and related/allied disciplines. Papers should be written in English, limited to fifteen pages and should conform to paper template given on conference website. The conference consists of keynotes, oral sessions and poster presentation. The event will hold from the 24th to 28th of June 2019, 24th being the arrival date.

    Conference registration fee is $350 payable at the conference venue. This covers conference materials, tea break, lunch, proceedings and accommodation for non-residents (foreign participants). There will be a bus to convey international participants from the Abuja International Airport to Minna on 24th June 2019. The bus will leave the airport 4 pm local (Nigerian time) to Minna. For more details and abstract/paper submission visit the conference website or, , kasim309(at)

  39. ANSOLE DAYS 2018 & ANSOLECAM 2018: International Conference and Practical Training on Sustainable Energetics, 02-06 September 2018, CPF Mbouo-Bandjoun Cameroon.

  40. The event, which was officially opened by the local authoritites, witnessed the attendance of participants from Cameroon, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Tunisia and USA. The book of abstracts and biographies can be downloaded here.

  41. ANSOLE e-Magazine 4/2018
  42. Please click here to download.

  43. SE4A School 2 event book (online version).

  44. 4th ANSOLE National Conference in Cameroon (ANSOLECAM 2017), 18-19 December 2017, ENSTP Yaounde, Cameroon.
  45. The 3rd ANSOLE General Assembly (GA) meeting in Cameroon was held on the 18th of December 2017 prior to ANSOLECAM 2017, which took place on 19th. Report on both gatherings can be read in ANSOLE e-Magazine 4/2018. Please download the booklet of program and abstract!

  46. 1st Strategic Meeting of ANSOLE in Uganda, 18 Feb 2018, Kampala, Uganda.
  47. The meeting which was triggered by the visit of the ANSOLE Coordinator in Kampala, was financially sponsored by the ANSOLE country representative Ms Lukia Nabawanuka . It was held at Urban City Blue Hotel and witnessed the attendance of 11 participants. Please download the event's minutes written by Ms Joan Talibawo.

  48. "AFRICA DAY" in Jena, Saturday, 20 May 2017.
  49. The African student community in Jena, in collaboration with ANSOLE e.V. organized the maiden "Africa Day" celebration on Saturday, 20.05.2017. The very rich programme attracted more people than the organisers expected. Download here the event booklet and watch the fashion parade video of the gala evening.


    You will be soon informed about the date for "AFRICA DAYS" 2018 in Jena.

  50. ANSOLE e-Magazine 3/2017.
  51. Please click here to download.

  52. ANSOLE Days 2017 on the theme "Solar Energy Materials And Applications" will be held on May 5-8, 2017 in Hammamet, Tunisia.
  53. Importants Dates:
    • Deadline for abstract submission : February 19, 2017
    • Notification of abstract acceptance : March 19, 2017
    • Deadline for the full registration : April 15, 2017
    Further information is available on the conference website
    Specific questions can be addressed to

  54. Call for an Application to Participate in (Summer) Schools on "Sustainable Energetics for Africa (SE4A)" in Burkina Faso and Cameroon Funded by the VolkswagenStiftung
  55. ANSOLE, the Justus-Liebig University, the Johannes Kepler University, and partners are pleased to invite young scientists at Masters, PhD and Postdoc levels to submit their application to either School 1, which shall be held from the 28th of February to the 4th of March 2017 at 2iE in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, or School 2 which is planned from the 31st of July till the 4th of August 2017 at the PKFokam Institute of Excellence in Yaounde Cameroon. School 1, which shall be inaugurated by the Burkinabé Minister of Energy, Mines and Careers, Prof. Alfa Oumar Dissa, is meant for participants originating mainly from West Africa and few from Germany and the rest of the World. School 2 are for those originating mainly from Central Africa, North Africa and few from Germany and the rest of the World. Deadline for submission of application is 30 November 2016 for School 1 and 31 March for School 2. Selected shall be participants showing readiness to actively participate at the various projects of the schools, which are (1) energy scenario in the year 2050, (2) theatre for development and (3) Science Slam. In addition, preference will be accorded to those submitting a 2 to 4 pages report on the present energy situation of their respective countries. To attain approximately 50% of female participation, we very much encourage young female scientists to apply. Please proceed with the application by going to

  56. 11-13 December 2016, NM-AIST, Arusha Tanzania: BALEWARE 2016 conference
  57. Call for paper and sponsors for BALEWARE 2016. Conference theme: Renewable Energy and Clean Water.
    Abstract submission: 15 September 2016
    Early bird registration deadline: 15 October 2016
    Please download the abstract template and the registration form, both documents can then be submitted to baleware2016(at)
    Important information here for sponsors and exhibitors.
    For more information, please visit or download this .pdf document.

  58. 18-19 Nov. 2016, HTTTC Bambili, University of Bamenda, ANSOLECAF 2016 Conference
  59. The First ANSOLE-Cameroon National Conference for Young Scientists (ANSOLECAF 2016), on the theme "Renewable Energy for All in Cameroon" will take place in Bamenda Cameroon from the 18th to the 19th of November 2016 at Higher Technical Teacher Training College (HTTTC), University of Bamenda (UBa). The conference offers the opportunity to young Cameroonian scientists to present and discuss their recent research results with experienced scientists in the domain from Cameroon and elsewhere.
    Please click here for further information.

  60. ANSOLE Organizes the Visit in Germany of 5 PAUWES Science Slam Winners 2015 from the 20th to the 28th of May 2016
  61. 5 Masters students of PAUWES (Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences including Climate Change) Nicholas MUKISA (Uganda), Djamal Eddine BENHADJI-SERRADJ (Algeria), Nishimwe Clarisse NIBAGWIRE (Rwanda), Kay Nyaboe NYAKUNDI (Kenya) und Teddy Miller SAMO (Kenya), winners of the Science Slam Competition in 2015, visited Germany from the 20th to the 28th of May 2016. ANSOLE e.V. was commissioned by DLR e.V. to organize the visit. The visit was sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Germany is a partner country of PAUWES. The students were accompanied during their 8 days visit by ANSOLE e.V. members Christian Beese, Steffi Beese and Daniel A. M. Egbe. Please click here for further information.

  62. REMENA M.Sc. Double-Degree Program " Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency"
  63. Act now! Application Deadline is August 1, 2016:
    OFID offers scholarships for eligible applicants from Sub-Sahara Africa for the REMENA M.Sc. double-degree program "Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for the MENA Region - REMENA". Our mission statement: TOGETHER TODAY FOR A SUSTAINABLE ENERGY FUTURE. Please visit our website
    for further details on the program. Find out more about scholarship types: /scholarship-types.html and how to apply: /application/scholarships.html.
    Please click here for further information.

  64. ANSOLE e-Magazine 1/2015
  65. Please click here to download.

  66. Job offers at Ecole Supérieure des Métiers des Energies Renouvelables (ESMER) in Cotonou Benin
  67. A- Appel à candidature pour le recrutement d'un(e) Enseignant(e) chercheur (e) en génie énergétique avec une spécialité en énergies renouvelables et efficacité énergétique. Delai d'envoi des dossiers: 15 Mars 2016 à 17 heures. For further details, please click here.

    B- Appel à candidatures pour le recrutement d'un(e) Enseignant(e) chercheur(e) en génie électrique. Delai d'envoi des dossiers: 15 Mars 2016 à 17 heures. For further details, please click here.

  68. May 29- 11 June 2016, JUAMI Summer School at NM-AIST in Arusha Tanzania
  69. Call for JUAMI Fellows: The Joint Undertaking for an African Materials Institute (JUAMI), formerly the Joint-US Africa Materials Institute, invites students to apply to a two week summer school on Materials for Sustainable Energy. JUAMI has as its objectives the development of joint materials research and education activities between universities in Africa, the US and Europe. Further information is available at
    - Address for African applicants: revocatus.machunda(at)
    - Address for US and other applicants: mat-JUSAMI(at)

  70. Prof. Casimir Museruka (2. August 1957- 12. January 2016)
  71. ANSOLE is sad to announce the death of Prof. Casimir Museruka, ANSOLE National Representative in Rwanda, who passed away on Tuesday the 12th of January 2016, in King Faisal Hospital-Kigali after a long illness. Prof Casimir was a regular associate at the ICTP (international Centre for Theoretical Physics) Trieste, Italy, and was Professor of Physics, Electricity and Hydraulics at various higher education institutions in his country (UNR, KIST, UNATEK/INATEK, IRST), where he occupied various positions of responsibility such as head of physics department of UNR (1995-2001), Dean of the Faculty of Sciences of KIST (2001-2004), vice-rector of academic affairs of INATEK (2006-2009), acting rector of INATEK (2006-2007).

    Late Prof. MUSERUKA Casimir shall remain in the memory of INATEK as someone who played a prominent role in turning the institution into "a real academic institution" by raising it to the level of meeting required standards of a university in leadership, teaching, research and community service. He left behind a widow and 5 children as well as many students, colleagues and friends missing him.

  72. Professor Alpha Oumar Dissa, Minister of Energy, Mines and Carreers of Burkina Faso
  73. Sun is rising for Renewable energy in west Africa! We are very happy and proud to inform that our colleague Professor Alpha Oumar Dissa of the University of Ouagadougou, ANSOLE member since the 20th of May 2013, was appointed the Burkinabé minister of Energy, mines and carriers. More information on his brilliant scientific career are coming soon.

  74. 5th Anniversary of ANSOLE (2011-2016): International Conference on Renewable Energy( INCORE 2016)
  75. The Zewail City of Science and Technology and ANSOLE are organizing an International Conference on Renewable Energy (INCORE 2016) in celebration of the 5th anniversary of ANSOLE. The conference will be held from the 3rd to the 6th of February at the Zewail City of Science, October 6th City, close to Cairo. Don't miss this historical event! Please download the poster of INCORE 2016. For further information, please go to: and to

  76. Africa-EU Symposium on Renewable Energy Research and Innovation 2016
  77. In order to promote scientific partnerships on renewable energy in Africa and theEU, the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP), the Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES), and University Abou Bekr Belkaid in Tlemcen are jointly organising an international research symposium in Tlemcen, Algeria, planned for 8-10 March 2016. With a call for extended abstracts, the organisers invite researchers from Africa and the European Union to participate at the symposium. For more information, please visit the conference website conference website.

  78. The International Conference on Pure and Applied Chemistry (ICPAC 2016)
  79. ICPAC 2016 will be held on 18-22 July 2016 at Hotel Sofitel Mauritius Impérial Resort & Spa, in Mauritius. The theme of the conference is "Emerging Trends in Chemical Sciences". The conference program will feature a wide variety of keynote, plenary, invited and contributed lectures, as well as poster sessions covering all topics related to Chemistry. There will also be workshops and symposia conducted by experts on different chemical aspects. Students, young chemists and delegates from African countries benefit from reduce rate. Dr Lydia Rhyman, ANSOLE National Representative in Mauritius is one the main organiser of the event. For more information, please visit

  80. ICTP-ANSOLE Fellowship Programs
  81. With the help of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), ANSOLE has put in place, since the beginning of 2015, a series of fellowship programs to support undergraduate and postgraduate studies in renewable energy:

    • ANSOLE "Sur-Place" Fellowship Programs (ANSUP): undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible.
    • Intra-African Exchange Program (INEX): for postgraduate students only.
    • Africa-North Exchange Program (ANEX): for postgraduate students only.

    Membership to ANSOLE of applicants and their supervisors is obligatory!
    For details on the application process, please go to "Fellowships"

  82. Download the ANSOLE News

  83. Energy Programmes in Africa
    • Please, educate yourself and others on solar energy by clicking at: Also go to to be informed about the scottish research landscape on solar energy.
    • Renewable Energy Interactive Map Survey: To facilitate the accessibility of RE knowledge, the REN21 has developed a web-based interactive tool to guide users through relevant renewable energy information. Please click:
    • ENERGY GLOBE AWARD is presented annually to outstanding and sustainable projects in the area of environment and energy. Awards are presented on the national and international level for the 5 categories of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Youth. Apply for the next issue by going to

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